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LauLau Beach

Laulau Beach is a popular beach which follows the gentle curve of Magicienne Bay, with the naturally protected water offering perfect conditions for snorkeling and scuba diving. While diving see the numerous fishes such as Wrasses, Butterfly Fish, Tangs, Skad, Snappers, and more.

Bird Island

A main tourist attraction on the island of Saipan, Bird Island Sanctuary is home to thousands of birds and exotic marine species. Bird Island is a marine protected area, no fishing and hunting is allowed which makes this place rich in wildlife.

Campaneyan Kristo Rai

The Campaneyan Kriso Rai, also known as the Catholic Belltower, is a historic church tower in Garapan, the largest village on Saipan island in the Northern Mariana Islands. Built in 1932, it is the only element of the island’s most prominent Roman Catholic church to survive bombardment in World War II. The tower, a concrete […]

Sugar King Park

Sugar King Park has beautiful moss covered trees, picnic tables and Japanese shrines. One of the trains that carried the sugarcane around the island is permanently parked at the front of the park. You will also find a large statue of the Japanese sugar king himself, Haruji Matsue. Address: Middle Rd, Garapan, Saipan 96950, CNMI […]

Kalabera Cave

Kalabera Cave Located at the northeastern part of the island, Kalabera Cave is said to have been used as a prison during the spanish period. Can be easily accessed by following the road from the Bird Island lookout. Address: Kalabera Cave Trail, Saipan 96950, CNMI Hours of operation: Friday 8AM–5PM Saturday 8AM–5PM Sunday 8AM–5PM Monday […]


Oleai Beach is next to San Jose Village and is located in Saipan Municipality, Northern Mariana Islands.


Garapan is the largest village and the center of the tourism industry on the island of Saipan. The beaches consist of White sand and tropical blue turquoise waters.


Susupe is a village on Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands. Susupe is also known as Susupi. As of 2000, its population is 2,083


Tanapag is on the northwest coast, just to the north of Capital Hill, the island group’s centre of government. It lies on the Marpi Road, which stretches the length of the island’s northwest coast. The area around Tanapag Beach was the site of major fighting during the Battle of Saipan in 1944.