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Aqua Resort Club Saipan
Featured advertiser This luxe resort complex, with landscaped gardens and views of the South China Sea, is 7 km from
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Hanamitsu Hotel & Spa
Featured advertiser Located in Garapan, this spa hotel is steps from Paseo de Marianas and Ni’ Lala Spa. American Memorial
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Sugar King Park
Featured advertiser Sugar King Park has beautiful moss covered trees, picnic tables and Japanese shrines. One of the trains that
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Campaneyan Kristo Rai
Featured advertiser The Campaneyan Kriso Rai, also known as the Catholic Belltower, is a historic church tower in Garapan, the
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Chalan Kanoa Beach
Featured advertiser Chalan Kanoa Beach stretches from Hopwood Jr. High School at its southern beginning to Sugar Dock at the
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LauLau Beach
Featured advertiser Laulau Beach is a popular beach which follows the gentle curve of Magicienne Bay, with the naturally protected
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Saipan Zoo
Featured advertiser Located in As Mahetog, the Saipan Zoo officially opened in November of 1996 and is the only one
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Mariana Resort & Spa
Featured advertiser This family-friendly Saipan resort is located by the ocean,  Saipan Zoo and Managaha Beach are also within 6
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Hyatt Regency Saipan
Featured advertiser Next to Micro Beach and the American Memorial Park, this luxury hotel is 14 km from LaoLao Bay
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Kanoa Resort Saipan
Featured advertiser Beautiful surroundings combined with friendly ‘Hafa Adai’ service have made Kanoa Resort Saipan a truly remarkable resort hotel,
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