Saipan has a variety of local foods that are indigenous to the Chamorro people.

These foods can be found in Saipan and the surrounding Northern Mariana islands. Some popular local dishes include Motsiyas (pronounced mot-see-jas). It includes a mix of finely chopped or ground chicken, green beans, mint, lemon juice, pepper, tomato leaves, salt and pepper.

Another popular dish is Kelaguen. Kelaguen is a combination of lemon, fresh coconut and hot peppers marinates with cooked chicken that can be served by itself or on crackers, bread, etc.

See below for a list of popular places to eat in Saipan.

Godfather's Beach House Bar is a nice outdoor bar located at the Fiesta Resort & Spa. Address: Beach Rd, Saipan,
Surf Club Restaurant offers guests prestige beach front views complimented with American and Island cuisine & an amazing bar selection.
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